REAL Program

Now accepting nominations for 2019 REAL Programs!

REAL Determined – April, July and September

REAL Empowered – April 15-18

The Richmond Emerging Aboriginal Leadership (REAL) program works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth across a number of years to help develop their cultural connections, leadership skills, physical and mental wellbeing, and career aspirations.

The REAL Program is delivered in partnership with Culture is Life and Victorian Electoral Commission, and program partners such as the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service, NIRODAH and various Indigenous facilitators.

There are four phases of the REAL Program, which include REAL Connect, REAL Determined, REAL Empowered, and REAL Impact.

REAL Connect

REAL Connect is an introductory workshop into The Korin Gamadji Institute focusing on connection to culture and engagement in a fun and active environment. The REAL Connect program can be tailored to school or community groups depending on the size of the group, age and needs. The sessions are delivered by KGI staff, Indigenous facilitators, and KGI program alumni of young Indigenous people. Topics and activities that can be covered include:

  • Traditional games
  • RFC and KGI values
  • KGI opportunities and programs
  • Sir Doug Nicholls Round messages
  • Leadership “what it takes to be premiers”
  • Confidence and Resilience
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Storytelling

REAL Determined

REAL Determined is a four day and three-night intensive program delivered during the Victorian school holidays focusing on KGI’s pillars; Culture & Connection, Growth & Wellbeing, Empower & Impact. The program is aimed at Indigenous youth aged 14-16, who have shown interest in their schooling and community and are nominated by their schools based on their engagement and attendance.

Throughout the program participants gain a better understanding of the role they can play in their community, increase self-confidence and cultural pride, and a build connection to other Indigenous youth. Participants are supported by KGI crew comprising of REAL Impact participants and staff who are passionate about inspiring young Indigenous people.

If you would like to nominate a student for the REAL Determined Program please go to:

REAL Empowered

REAL Empowered is offered to REAL Determined alumni aged 16-18 years old. This program focuses on Culture & Connection and Growth & Wellbeing whilst strengthening their employment skills and education and career aspirations. Participants gain valuable career knowledge from our program partners in the employment and education sectors, and lead on the REAL Determined programs, shadowing the mentors. The students also participate in a ‘Dreaming together’ workshop, with Richmond’s 2018 Dreamtime artist Robert Young, creating cultural art pieces.

REAL Impact

The REAL Impact program is designed for REAL alumni and youth over 18 years of age to develop their personal and professional skills to engage and support Indigenous youth through experience as support crew on KGI programming. The program consists of open monthly training days that focus on the areas of Physical and Mental health and wellbeing, facilitation skills, working with children safety and policies, risk assessment, employment skills and more.

The REAL Impact program aims to support the development of young Indigenous people into confident and proud community leaders and further assist them in their employment and educational pathways post-secondary school.

Participation is open to all senior alumni and those 18 years and over who are interested in working with our youth. Communications on dates will be out monthly and Facebook Events.

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